Koa Lumber - 117 x 1318 x 24mm - #0012


Koa Lumber - 117 x 1318 x 24mm - #0012


Kiln dried Hawaiian Koa S4S lumber.

This board has been planed on both sides, jointed and both ends have been chopped. Mineral spirits were used while photographing to better show the grain.


  • 117 mm wide x 1318 mm long x 24 mm thick

  • 4-5/8” wide x 51-7/8” long x 15/16” thick

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Koa is similar to diamonds. There are different grades that reflect the quality and attractivenes of the wood. The predominant factor considered when grading koa is the presence of curl. Even though koa can range from light golden colors to darker chocolate browns, color is not typically considered when grading except where mineral staining or similar defects are present. Koa is graded based on these guidelines:

  • High Curl

    • Bold, tight curls prevalent throughout the entire piece with no imperfections. Some sets have a strong curl throughout most of the piece with very limited, if any, areas where curl fades.

  • Medium Curl

    • Strong curl in some areas although curl visibility may be limited at specific angles.

  • Select/Better

    • There is very little if any curl throughout the piece.


Taking care of the forest and the wood we harvest from it is our most important responsibility. We kiln dry all wood products until a maximum average moisture reading below 10% is measured. We debark all sets whenever possible and always when shipping internationally. We can provide phytosanitary certificates from the Department of Agriculture when required by your country.